Freshman Author to be Featured at Book Signing Event

Freshman Shane Cloonan loves to write and he always dreamed of writing a book. But he didn’t think a writing assignment in his sixth grade religion class would launch his career as a published author.
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Shane’s book, “Journey to the Cross.”

On Friday, Shane will be featured at a book signing event—his third—promoting his children’s book, “Journey to the Cross,” which was published in September. His appearance will take place from 4-6 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Deer Park.

“It’s cool to have someone randomly coming up to you and being interested in your book,” Shane says.

It was at St. Anne School in Barrington, where Shane’s teacher assigned the class to tell the Christmas story of Christ’s birth through a unique perspective.

“I took it farther and just kept writing,” Shane says of his book, which is just over 40 pages and “goes up until Christ’s crucifixion.”

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